Timberland Motivation Club

Motivation Club leaders for the 2017-2018 school year: seniors Leah Saraceno, Madison Westhoff and Jillian Clegg; sophomore Emily Twedell; senior Bella Rainey.

Bella Rainey, Webmaster & Reporter

Timberland Motivation is a club, sponsored by English teacher Kevin Porter, and student led. Motivation Club helps support other clubs, does community service and focuses on spreading positivity throughout the school.

Many know THS Motivation from the Twitter account that hatched the idea for the club,. A previous Timberland student noticed the negativity that occurred during finals week, and thought reaching out to students on Twitter could lift the spirits. From there, the club began to do other activities to help the Timberland community.

“I would describe the club as a place where you can find people who are self motivated and are willing to lend a helping hand to people that need it. We sponsor events and clubs that normally do not have a lot of following so that they feel supported doing something that they love,” senior Calissa Ervin, the “Sports and Activities” manager for the club, said.

The goal of Ervin’s job is to make the students at Timberland High feel included.

“My duties are to go to sports games and club events and make sure that they feel supported and to give them a little motivation,” Ervin said.

One of the recurring activities the motivation club has sponsored include putting positive post-its throughout the school.

“I joined Motivation club to get more involved in school; I heard it was a good club to be a part of,” junior Allison Baltz said.

The club has meetings every last Wednesday of the month before school to discuss new events and happenings for the club. The club is open to all grades and anyone can join.

“I heard about it from a flyer,” Baltz said.

This year, the club’s motto is “Be The Sunshine” in hopes to shine a light of positivity at school and in the community.

“I really like how we make our best efforts to attend all out of school activities and support our classmates. Some parts of the year can be really hard for people and I think our club really inspires people to keep up their hard work, even by doing little things,” senior Makayla Hurst said.

To find out more about Timberland Motivation club, check out the twitter account @TlandMotivation for updates on meetings and events.