St. Louis Sports: What’s coming next?

Josh Calloni, Reporter

St. Louis has been rumored to be looking at a new sports team, and there is a lot of question around what sport they are might be receiving.

The city of St. Louis has been asking around for a third sports team, to go along with the Blues and Cardinals. Major League Soccer, has been the major talk of St. Louis. The MLS wants to expand here, and the only real thing stopping them is the St. Louis board, time, and the lack of a stadium. MLS currently has 22 different franchises currently, and has been looking to expand for a while now.

“Another NFL team would be cool; I miss watching St. Louis football,” sophomore Hayden See said

The NBA could also see a relocation to St. Louis. The NBA has always skipped over St. Louis, but now, when looking for a new sport to add, it is very possible that they could move one of their current franchises to St. Louis. Another possible outcome, is that another NFL franchise relocates to St. Louis, as three teams have done the last two seasons, the Rams and Chargers to Los Angeles, and the Raiders to Las Vegas. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been rumored to have interest in coming to St. Louis, but nothing with that is for sure.

“I would like to see a basketball team come to St. Louis; I like basketball and would like to attend more games,” sophomore Brandon Yates said.

Of course, St. Louis could always see a smaller, not big four, sports teams come to our city. A volleyball team, or tennis team, could be a very interesting thing to come, and would provide an interesting twist to sports in our city. Another thing to go along with this, is if the city would utilize the Edward Jones Dome, which has sat pretty empty, besides for a few conventions here and there, ever since the Rams left for Los Angeles. Football or Soccer would possibly work very easily within the Dome, but it could also be very easily set up for Volleyball and, or, tennis, with a little bit of renovations.

“I would like to see men and women’s volleyball to come to St Louis the most because I play volleyball and I personally love it. Volleyball is a very fun game to watch” freshman Alanna Espinoza said

All in all, St. Louis could use a new sport. With all the crime and riots that happen here, a new sport could bring a much needed peace to the city, and bring people together for the better.