Semester Ending

Audrey Whalen, Reporter


With the semester coming to a close end TImberland shares how they feel about finals, new classes, and of course Winter Break.

The semester ending provides many with a new choice in classes. No more going through the “works”. A different class means new teacher, more friends, and new information. New classes bring on a fresh change for some students who are bored with the semester class they are in.

“I can not wait for my classes next semester, they are all super cool” freshman Kaitlyn Gray said.

Finals bring upon lots of stress for students. The endless amount of testing right before a big break could cause some students to not do too hot on their finals. Finals are also worth 10 percent? of your grade. For some kids who do not test too well that is not a good thing, they survive on the homework and projects to pass a class. Making them take a test can cause serious anxiety problems. Studying for finals is always more efficient when you have friends and food to help you through it. If that does not work for you, then spread all of your finals out by the date you have to take them, then study for those tests first. And whatever you do, do not procrastinate. It does not help you in the long run.

“I hate taking tests, I do not study well. I have tried almost everything and I still can not study,” sophomore Brynn Dockwin said.

Winter Break is something lots of kids look forward too. It means the school year is almost over. The break also comes with the fun winter activities. Like Ice skating, building snowmen, having a snowball fight, and relaxing by the fire. Also involves all the fun holiday movies on Freeform.

“ I could not wait till Freeform’s 25 Day’s of Christmas. All the best movies are on and I love watching them with my little brother,” senior Lexi Allmeyer said.

Taking finals, watching the best holiday movies, and new classes approaching the Timberland student body has a lot to think about, but relaxing and taking it step by step is key to being successful.