Mocking Millennials and Why It Should Stop

Millennials Lettering Graphic Credits to

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter

The term “Millennial” is treated as though it is a curse word in this society. If someone is a Millennial, they are generalized as a lazy, entitled and spoiled person who has no new ideas and is glued to their phone.

While there may be people who fit this generalization to an extent, the slandering of the Millennial generation is unnecessary and causing a serious divide in our society.

The generations above Millennials, such as Baby Boomers, assume that struggles such as college debt are on the fault of the student. When in reality, there are very few options for four year universities that are affordable, and the generations ahead of Millennials only hurt that sector of the economy.

Besides economic problems, Millennials also frequently get pinned as lazy, when in fact it is quite the opposite. The Millennial generation has grown up in one of the largest innovative booms this society has ever experienced: smartphones, tablets, and social media. Figuring out how to adapt to a different way of living, and having parents that are out of touch with it all as well.

Millennials have formed online environments and created an industry of digital creators and influencers that has changed the way success and the corporate ladder is viewed. Instead of wanting to get a college degree, people want to build a following on their monetized blog. Just because the path is different does not mean the math is wrong or not as successful. The goals of the Millennial generation are vastly in contrast to those of any generation before them, making it difficult for other generations to understand such different ideas of success and accomplishment.

Overall, the generalizations and stigmas towards the Millennial generation are hasty. Lifting each person up, no matter what age group they belong to, is a lot more effective than tearing each person down. No one is perfect, no generation is perfect, and slamming down the Millennial generation will do no good, but harm.