The Sister Pallet

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

James Charles and Morphe have collaborated to create a pallet.  

Charles, a member of the Beauty Community of YouTube who started making videos in 2016,  has always said he wants to create a pallet, according to He has worked with many makeup artists, including, he worked with Jeffree Star who has his own makeup company.

“I am so proud of James for making his dream come true. He has worked so hard for this moment and to see it come to life brings tears to my eyes,” Tana Mongeau said on Twitter.

The pallet was released November 13 for $35, the brush kit was $149, and was sold worldwide. It only took 24 hours for the “Sister Pallet” to sell out.

“With this not being super expensive, everyone can afford it which will make him more money in the long run,” senior Bailey Stafford said.

This pallet has a variety of colors, it does not just have the basic nudes or the bold peach look, it has it all. The pallet is very large, it is not just a small sliver of product.

“I love James Charles and have been wanting a pallet that has a large variety of colors, so  I can create new looks I have never tried before. Unleash your inner artist,” sophomore Audrey Keevan said.

The pallet for now is sold out, but the “Sister Collection” is coming to Ulta  just in time for the holidays.