Mystery Island Emerges in the Pacific

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Four years ago a mystery island emerged from the southern Pacific Ocean is expected to stay visible for six to 30 years, according to NASA scientists.

The island formed between December 2014 and January 2015, and it was caused by volcanic eruption near Tonga. The island is the 3rd to erupt in the last 150 years, and has somehow survived the oceans waves which erode away land over time.

“Most of it is black gravel… pretty painful to get under your foot. Immediately I noticed it wasn’t as flat as on satellite, It’s pretty flat but there is still some gradients and gravel have formed some cool patterns from the wave actions,” NASA scientist Dave Slayback said in an interview with Fox news.

The researchers found mud and vegetation on the island and even a few animals, such as a barn owl and hundreds of nesting sooty terns.

“Its awesome what nature can do, just like making this new island. It sucks it won’t be around for very long though,” junior Mellissa Rogge said.

After the researchers arrived on the island in October 2018, Slayback and the team of scientists collected samples to understand how the island will survive in the ocean. In 2017 Nasa said the island is expected to live for 6 to 30 years.