Man Stabbed over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

On November 4 in Maryland, seconds after cutting in line at Popeyes, customer Kevin Tyrell Davis was fatally stabbed in his upper body, by an unidentified man while waiting in line for a chicken sandwich.

The sandwiches had returned to the restaurant the day before. 

“The sandwiches are good, [but] I probably would have resolved it differently,” senior Jackson Fenner said. 

Witnesses and police say an argument broke out, then, seconds later Davis had been stabbed once in his upper body, while the attacker and another woman fled the scene by car.

“Killing someone over a sandwich is far extreme, there is nothing that should make  a person want to kill another person just for a sandwich,” junior Colin Eilering said. 

The chicken sandwich grew in popularity rapidly in August and created long lines around the country. The popularity of the sandwich also spawned a debate on social media about whether Chick-fil-A or Popeyes had the best chicken sandwich. Popeyes had to cancel the sandwich across the country until November 3, so they could supply their stores with more chicken.

“There was no reason for this to happen, it could have been prevented by people waiting for their turn and not having a hot temper,” senior Jacob Justice said. 

The authorities have asked anyone who was inside the restaurant at the time of the attack to contact the police with any information. The police have also urged the man who carried out the stabbing to come forward. The attack happened in Oxon Hill, Maryland about nine miles south of Capitol Hill in Washington.