Is Missouri Re-Opening Too Soon?

Kayla Davito, Reporter

For the last several weeks, Missouri has been one of many states under a Shelter-in-Place plan order to protect citizens from the coronavirus, which has, so far, claimed 318 lives with 7,425 confirmed cases affecting Missouri alone. As stir-crazy as people are getting, many agree the Shelter-in-Place limitations are keeping everyone safe. Recently, however, Missouri’s Governor Mike Parson announced the closure will be lifted, and starting May 4, the state will start to re-open. 

Many people were taken aback at this and feel that it is too soon and too big of a risk to go through with. However, Governor Parson, as well as state health care officials, believe it is acceptable to begin taking precautions necessary to start Missouri’s new normal. 

According to, Phase I of Missouri’s ‘recovery plan’ targets the economy and social aspect of the state. This includes the communities and businesses throughout the state. It is said to be able to ‘adapt to the situation’ and how effectively it is working will be taken into account, meaning some places will open at faster or slower rates than others.

While it is true this means the slow re-opening of places such as stores and movie theatres, people must remain aware that COVID-19 is still a threat, and precautions must be taken to keep citizens as safe as possible. May 4 does not guarantee health for all and a table at one’s favorite restaurant. If anything, people should be more careful and keep the state’s continued rules regarding social distancing in mind. They must also remember that some cities and counties are not reopening yet. 

General guidelines to keep in mind include staying home if you are feeling sick, washing hands often and avoiding socializing in ways that do not readily allow for appropriate social distancing, to name a few.

Businesses also have rules to enforce as Phase I begins. Overall, Missouri seems to be ready for recovery from COVID-19,  it is important to keep social distancing and other new measures in mind as the state re-opens.

The social distancing order will be in effect until  at least May 31, when it will be re-evaluated.