Minority Culture is Not a Trend

It’s Just Cultural Appropriation

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

Since the 1980s, the majority of race U.S citizens, as well as the beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries have been appropriating minority culture. This is offensive to minorities who proudly represent their culture are criticized and discriminated against.

Cultural appropriation is the “adoption” of the particular culture’s identity for the sake of a trend, while those of that culture are discriminated against. This can be shown in many instances. For example, many get tribal tattoos to feel connected to their “roots”, or the one percent of “Cherokee” that most have. However, they have no understanding of what the tattoo represents. Cornrows and box braids are another example. These styles were p

America is a melting pot of cultures, and given its past of racial prejudice, admiring the heritages different from our own is a positive change. However, there is a fine line between appreciation and appropriation. The beauty and fashion industry glamorize large lips, tan skin, and unruly hair, yet there had to be a law passed in order for women of color to wear their natural hair to school or work. Many of those who wear tribal tattoos, indigenous wear, or even their own skin tone are discriminated against, while our white counterparts are seen as “trendy” if they wear it.

There is nothing wrong with admiring one’s culture. Though still be mindful of the cultures that the trends belong to.