Monthly Subscription Mayhem

Monthly Subscription Mayhem

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

The amount of online monthly subscriptions people feel obligated to pay for is absolutely absurd. There is Hulu, Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Red, Amazon and more.

It may seem great how many options there are, but do we really need so many streaming and music services? And, now w Disney is launching a streaming service that basically wants to be Netflix.

There are enough monthly subscriptions that are sucking money out of people’s pockets; Disney and other companies should not be revoking their titles to make their own. Why not just put the Disney movies on Netflix or Amazon, instead of making a whole other streaming service?

When the Disney service launches, “Star Wars” and Marvel comic-book movies will be included, making it the only way to stream those movies on demand in the U.S., and of course, requiring another paid monthly subscription.

While a price has not been announced yet, the service is expected to debut in late 2019 after Disney’s current deal with Netflix expires.

Disney isn’t the first creator to pursue some degree of independence from the platforms, namely, the streaming giants and cable companies, but so far, it is the biggest, and the one that seems to be doing so in the most complete manner.