Teaser Trailer Toss Up



Mr. Incredible and Jack Jack as shown in the “Incredibles 2” teaser trailer.

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

The teaser trailers for “Deadpool 2” and “Incredibles 2” have dropped. People have varying opinions on the trailers. Here are Timberland’s thoughts.

“I think they are fun to watch, it really gets you excited to see the movie. Although they have to be careful not to give anything too important away,” Hannah Lewis said.

Craig T. Nelson voiced Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr in the original film, with Holly Hunter as his wife Helen Parr/Elastigirl and Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Incredible’s best friend Lucius Best/Frozone.

“I’m wondering why they waited so long for a sequel. I’m just hoping its not one of those sequels that ends up being terrible because of the large gap between the original source material and this,” junior Ashton Estill said.

Pixar gives people  one real-world shot: a suburban basement where Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) rejoices over his son’s new powers until a baby-sneeze sets off Jack-Jack’s eye lasers and burns a new part in his dad’s hair.

“Sometimes they can suck. They can just show something like a two second clip of something dumb. I liked the Deadpool one and the Incredibles 2 one was okay. He imitated Bob Ross and that was funny,” sophomore Nathan Kosydor said.

This is the second promotion for the Deadpool sequel that Fox has released so far. Earlier this year, in March, the first promo played in theaters before showings of the studio’s Wolverine movie “Logan”.