Improv Classes: Behind the Scenes

Kaitlin Terry, Reporter

Improv in the performing arts is a spontaneous performance without scripted or specific preparation. Improvisers will create an entire show that they make up as they go along. They will often ask the audience for ideas or suggestions and then go from there.

“My favorite part about taking improv is the good friendship I have in the class. I’m in there with my buddies,” senior Dominik Fritts said. 

Improv teacher, Melissa Queen, says that the most rewarding part of teaching improv is watching the students skills grow over the semester. Not only on their improv skills but also their writing skills as they develop their sketch comedy skits. 

“The most rewarding part of taking improv is probably just when everything comes together, when everybody is really coming up with good jokes off the top of their head, and overall just working as a team,” sophomore Jackson Dust said.

Theatre teacher Melissa Queen said that she first developed improv as an after school activity in 2003, but it was developed into a class in 2006.

“You can just use it in your life during different situations just to communicate with others so it helps,” senior Jacob Windham said.

Participating in Improv activities have many benefits including building confidence, making new friends, and improving flexibility and spontaneity skills in everyday life. Improv requires students to listen, accept, and build off one another. In order for students to be successful they have to develop these essential skills and collaborate.