Timberland Band Plays On

Kaylie Lineback, Reporter & Anchor

So. Many. Instruments. Music swirls in the hallway, classrooms and fields. With the sun shining through the big windows and all the chairs lined up in a c-shape, the students who bring light to their pages of music have their instruments ready to play throughout the rehearsal. This is THS band.

Band director Courtney White, who has been the THS director for 17 years, describes music as a language where students express themselves.

“Hopefully, [seniors] get the opportunity to continue their love for music post-graduation,” White said.

Participants said the band room at Timberland has a positive atmosphere like no other. 

Some instruments that students here play are the clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, xylophone and many more. Also, many band students get involved in solo and ensemble competitions.

With covid, a lot of band’s rehearsals have been virtual.

“We haven’t had a lot of time to prepare for concerts and things,” senior Taylor Brake said. 

White has been playing music for 31 years.

For more information, visit thsbands.org or follow them on Twitter @THSbands.