March. Act. Vote.


Photo taken by Bella Rainey

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter

The first annual Women’s March took place on January 21, 2017 all across the world. Women from Alaska to New York City to right here in St. Louis marched for their rights and for the rights of women who have less freedoms than them. On January 20, women and men of all shapes, sizes, colors and genders came together again to march for truth.

“I think the protest is a very special movement. It is one of the most peaceful, civilized protests. It happens around the world, so there is obviously something wrong, and these people know how they want it to be fixed. These women are fighting for what they believe in and they aren’t going to back down. I think the march has had a lasting impact on the world and government, and that is something to celebrate,” senior Dani Magasano said.

This march was themed “March. Act. Vote.” in order to raise awareness that people cannot make change if they do not show up for elections. The purpose of this campaign is to get not only women, but any person who is unhappy with the government to actually act on it, not just keep talking.

“I did not participate. I might have gone if given the opportunity, but I am not a huge political person, so I probably would not participate annually,” Magasano said.

In St. Louis, over 10,000 people attended the Women’s March this year, according to STLToday. Many drove hours to come and support other women in the fight for equal rights.

“I think it is good the women are marching for their rights, because I do not think it is okay for them to be taken away. I love this protest, it is peaceful and it is justified because women are stating what they think is right and wrong but in a calm manner,” senior Jillian Clegg said.

Overall, the Women’s March has brought hundreds of thousands of women together to fight for a cause they believe in. To find out more about the Women’s March, visit