The Best Spider-Man Movie

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

“Spider-Man 3” is by far the best spiderman movie to date. Spiderman is one of the most recognizable Marvel characters, but with three different movie series, the question  must be asked who is the best spiderman and what is the best spiderman movie.

Tobey Maguire is the second Spiderman in the many movies to come and he may have been the worst actor out of the three modern Spidermen, but he was the most iconic by far. His screams and scenes became classic.

The whole plot of “Spider-Man 3” is not what most people think. Spiderman is a hero in the first two movies but “Spider-Man 3” shows Peter Parker’s journey to a Villainous character. He beats up his co-worker Eddie Brock and gets him fired, and says “good riddance” to Sandman as he is being washed away in a sewer. Spiderman has never killed anyone directly before, but in “Spider-Man 3” he goes down a path that would have ultimately leads to evil.

“Spider-Man 3” had and still has the best movie version of Venom. Tom Hardy was the better actor in the newest movie Venom, but he grew about two feet taller when he became Venom. In “Spider-Man 3”, the only thing changed in the character Eddie Brock is his personality. He succumbs to the symbiote and becomes a villain. The newest Venom is a hero who saves the entire planet.

Maguire’s most popular scene being the “emo dancing scene.” This scene appeared in “Spider-Man 3” after Peter had received the Venom symbiote and used it. The symbiote brought out a dark to Peter and he was walking down the street and decided he was going to hit on every girl he saw and dance while doing it. This scene resulted in unintentional, pure comedy. No other spiderman actor could have pulled of this good of scene, even if it was unintentional. This scene was so iconic that Marvel put in a feature in the new Spider-Man PS4 game too.

Spider-Man will never be a hero that people disregard, he is a huge part of the Marvel cinematic universe, and will hopefully have movies coming for many more years.