Kanye West meets Trump in the White House

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Kanye West wants to “Make America Great Again” and he said will do so with Donald Trump. They met at the White House to discuss North Korea, their friendship, welfare, yeezys, 2020 presidency and the 13th amendment. During the meeting West accidentally revealed his phone password. West later tweeted he was done with politics for the time being.

“Technically yes, [Kanye West] could be a presidential candidate, he may a little unstable, but it would be fun to watch,” sophomore Michael Sitarski said.

Kanye West spoke on jobs and the creation of the iPlane 1, a joking alternative to Air Force One. West stated that Apple has 4,000 workers all making around $53,000 a year while working on the iPlane. “We’ll get rid of Air Force One. Can we get rid of Air Force One? No?” Donald Trump’s comment on the iPlane, after West showed trump a picture of the prototype plane and stated he wanted to bring companies onshore, make them more money and innovate them stating with the iPlane 1

“There isn’t much of a point [to West meeting with Trump]. It’s not like they are going to change anything major,” sophomore Marcus Temple said.

During the conference with Trump, West revealed his phone password. His password is 000000, and although he has the newest iPhone X he does not appear to use Face ID to unlock his phone. The password got exposed due to him being on camera and opening his phones at the perfect angle to see his password.

“Kanye has so much money, I highly doubt he cares about his phone password or losing his phone,” Temple said.

After the meeting with Trump, West tweeted “eyes are now wide open” and “now I realize that I’ve been used to spread messages that I don’t believe in.” West said he is taking a break from politics after thinking he is being used to promote things he does not support. It is not clear whether his break from politics is directly related to Trump.