The Only way to Revive “Boruto”

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

The latest “Boruto” arc was slow,underwhelming, and had zero payoff for watching it. The “Boruto” series is in need of a good arc and lucky the Naruto shinden is beng animated for the next few episodes.

“Boruto” is the next generation to the anime “Naruto” were the cast from “Naruto” is grown up and their kids are the main stars, but the anime adaptation is not living up to standard of the original “Naruto”.

The latest arc is a retrieval arc, where the main character Mitsuki runs away for unknown for reasons, and Boruto go to retrieve him, and to say the least, it was awful, just like all the other filler arcs in Boruto.

The next arc will be a short story of Naruto’s adventures when he is an adult, which should be a refresher for many long time fans of the series. After that, the Sasuke story should be adapted into anime.

There was also a Shikamaru story written and published but it was not verified of it would receive any episode in “Boruto.”

After the short stories of these character “Boruto” needs to only release manga related or cannon episodes,and no more filler unless the anime is going to pass the manga, I just really want to see what happens with Kawaki and Boruto, but Kawaki has not even been introduced in “Boruto.”

Overall the anime “Boruto” has not been bad during the main story arcs, but all of the filler arcs have been very bad. To improve the show, it should have main story arcs from the manga, and stop with the filler episodes.