Shrek Mandella

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

“Shrek 2” has resurfaced with some controversial issues. Twitter went into an uproar when Dreamworks posted a video of the iconic and Fiona is not doing what everyone remembers her doing.

Instead of her headbutting Charming apparently she punches him in the face?

Many people on Twitter do not remember it happening that way. Fiona definitely headbutts Charming and she yells “HIYA”.

The mood is set with Fiona thinking Charming is Shrek. If you have never seen “Shrek 2”, well long story short Fiona and Shrek take a magic potion and become human, well Fiona does not know what Shrek looks like as a human since he is obviously an ogre. At the ball for their wedding Fiona is given another magic potion to drink and at the stroke of 12 whoever she kisses she falls in love with.

Shrek has to figure out how to stop this and get passed a bunch of obstacles. Shrek gets to Fiona and she figures out the man she is dancing with is not Shrek. So she takes a stance and headbutts him.

Recently I watched the movie, and saw that she in fact does not headbutt him. But why do we remember her headbutting him?

This is a classic case of Mandela Effects, the most known cases are the “Chic Filla” or “Looney Toons”. The Mandela Effect is defined as “false memory” and is evidence that you may have experienced events from a different reality.