Youtube and Young Adults

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

YouTube is considered by many as the television of today. In late 2005, when YouTube was just a few months old, one of its co-founders announced that the site’s users were consuming the equivalent of an entire Blockbuster store each month. Today, 300 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

“[YouTube] can show people educational information in an interesting way. It is also a great entertainment place where talented artists can express their creativity,” junior Abby Island said.

Some students speculate that YouTubers can damage people’s self-esteem.

“It can make people want to be exactly like the people they are watching and want to imitate exactly what they are doing. Kids are influential,” Island said.

YouTube’s effect on the United States has given opportunities for people to upload song covers or original content for their videos in hopes of getting discovered from companies.

“YouTube is how I find most of my music. You can find anything you want on it. You can find creative alternatives to bands you already love,” junior Anna Mitchell said.

According to an article by CNN, some people consider YouTube as an educational, entertaining and exciting place to find creativity and uniqueness, while others believe that YouTube can damage people’s self-esteem and make people feel alone.