Problems: Rich vs. Poor: An Op/Ed

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

The New York Times posted an article on February 21 about poor problems and rich problems, people got riled up on twitter, and other social media platforms. The article talks about this person’s personal experiences with his high school graduating class not being profoundly happy with their careers, and in particular a person who hated making $1.2 million a year and going to the office. This sparked people to make the people who do not like making a large sum of money feel bad, because they are not happy with their jobs.

These arguments are valid, yet that’s not the point of the article, the point of the article is to say even if you do not have money right now, having it will not make anything better, people will still have problems, just not the same ones. Money can only solve so many problems.

Not being able to pay rent, buy food, have clothes, or support your family are problems that the poor have, so if you ask someone who is not financially stable and is unable to buy food or pay rent, then of course money will solve those problems. This is the paradox that this article has started, the poor say money can fix all my problems and the rich say money is meaningless if they aren’t happy, and the whole point of the article is forgotten, as this argument goes around an endless loop.

Getting upset over this article is not right. Everybody has problems no matter what situation they are in and the only thing people should do is offer support in any way they can.