Senior Night

Tayonna Henderson, Reporter

At the last home football game of the season, many Timberland High School students and staff wanted to an amazing goodbye and thank you to the senior class of 2020.

Senior Night has been going on at THS for years. It is a way for seniors to feel proud of what they have accomplished in their high school career and to showcase all the amazing things they are leaving behind.

This year at the last home football game THS was proud to recognize the seniors who were part of band, cheer, dance, and cross country.

Senior Brianna Dotson is a band member, who has been in the band for the past four years was a drum major for the last two years.

“I had a very happy feeling with it almost being over, but it was also very sad at the same it,”  Dotson said.

At the Senior Night, the seniors in the band leave their shoes on the field, show the impression they left on the organization.

“Walking off the field with my shoes being left on the truff brought tears to my eyes. I was trying not to cry, but everyone was crying, it made it very hard,”  Dotson said.

Senior Jenna Wilson, who is a part of the dance team, said Senior Night was a bittersweet moment for her.

“When the clock reached zero at the end of the fourth quarter that’s when I noticed that it’s the end of my high school career. Everything that we did to prepare for this moment went over my head. I finally had the ‘Oh My God’ moment once the game was over with,”  Wilson said.

Senior Ian Enright is a football player, who has been a wolf since his freshman year and was also part of the band for two years.

“This is a day I have been waiting for since my freshman year. When I heard them call my name it was a moment of happiness,” said Enright.

Enright said it made the night better for the fact that his family was there to support him and that he was very happy with all the things he has accomplished within his four years at THS.

“Knowing I played a part in making this organization better for years to come makes me feel very proud of what I have left behind at Timberland High School,” Enright said.