Singing as a Choir

The 2020 choir experience.

Kaitlin Terry, Reporter

Timberland choir performs at assemblies, goes to competitions, and has many concerts each year.

“My favorite part about choir is just the diversity, there are people coming in from all different walks of life. Choir just seems like a giant place where people who don’t seem like they are meant to be just come to be,” junior Ethan Zabenco said.

Singing in choir provides students with a sense of real belonging, offers new opportunities for learning, and encourages student engagement according to

“We have our four basic concerts every year, but we also go on a ton of field trips and competition. [It] is really fun and going out and interacting with other people,” senior Jay Miles said. 

Besides their competitions and field trips, choir has a total of four main concerts each year: a fall concert, a winter concert, a spring concert, and a pop concert.

“Teaching choir is so rewarding, it’s the connections I have with the students and then the students when they connect with the music and then we make something beautiful. Honestly I believe everybody can sing and people come to me all the time and say they can’t sing and then I say well lets just see and then I have them sing a couple of notes and they can sing,” choir teacher Ronda Fields said. 

Choir practices and choir classes are held in room 204 everyday with Mrs. Fields.