Tik Tok

Mitchell Weitkamp, Reporter

Tiktok is a social media platform that is used around the world by more than 500 million people. Tiktok is a video-sharing social networking system that was founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming.

Users on Tiktok can either make a dancing, lip-syncing, comedy, or weird talent videos. The videos can be anywhere from five seconds to 60 seconds. Tik Tok also allows users to create sounds or use premade sounds. 

Tiktok has around 60 million monthly active users, including junior Kayden Tyler who Kayden currently has 151 followers and 614 likes on her Tik Tok page.

“Tik Tok impacts me because it’s really fun and I love seeing the success and likes on my videos… I am really good at it,” Tyler said. 

Tik Tok is rated 5 stars on the app store and is free to download.

“It impacts my school work because I am always on it in class,” sophomore Bella Marquart said.