Tabitha Brown is Changing The Common Perspective of Vegans

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Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

Tabitha Brown recently rose to internet fame through Tik Tok.

Many believe her recipe videos and personality are changing the perspectives that students have of vegans.

Since starting the account in March 2020, Brown has gained 2.5 million followers on her account. She shares vegan meals, encouragement and her family, according to

“I like her southern accent and the way she’s always calling people ‘baby’ and saying ‘because that’s my business’,” sophomore Kacie Hoesli said.

In 2016, Brown fell sick with an illness doctors could not diagnose, according to However, after taking advice from her daughter, Choyce Brown, to try the 30-day vegan challenge, Brown reportedly felt better “within the first 10 days.”

“She has a really warm personality,” senior RJ Carter said. “She’s not the way you’d think a typical vegan would be, and her attitude is almost like an auntie.”

Brown’s carrot bacon video is one of her most viral videos with 2.8 million views.

”When she ate the carrot bacon it was very crunchy and just made my mouth water,” senior Gabby Pounds said. “When I thought about vegan cuisine, I thought salads and basic veggies, but Tabitha Brown opened my mind to a more creative way to cook those simple vegetables and make delicious looking healthy foods.

“Honestly thought I was going to die. I watched “What the Health” on Netflix and decided to do a 30-day vegan challenge out of desperation to feel better…” Brown told Chowhound. “I literally started feeling better every day after that, and I never went back to my old eating ways and stayed on my vegan journey.”

Brown makes a variety of recipe videos, such as lemon pepper wedges, carrot bacon, ‘crab’ cakes, and TTLAs (Tempeh Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, and Avocado,”

“I like the video with the lemon pepper [potato] wedges,” Carter said. “ I think using lemon pepper was cool [and they looked like] something I’d eat.”

To date, Brown is steadily gaining success, as she recently signed with Creative Arts Agency, a well known acting agency and became an ambassador for Whole Foods, according to

”I would definitely recommend. She makes a healthier version of foods that are normally unhealthy,” Pounds said, “Who doesn’t want to get healthier?”

Brown is an actress based in Los Angeles. To share the love, follow @iamtabithabrown on Tik Tok.