Chris Browns New Album

Heartbreak on a Full Moon


Audrey Whalen

Savannah Gaast listening to Heatbreak on a Full Moon

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Chris Brown’s Album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” was released October 31st. This is Brown’s first album since “Royalty” in 2015. The album features 45 songs and is two hours and 17 seconds long, according to CNN reporter.

“ I love the length, it gives me so much options when it comes to choosing a song to listen too,”  junior Kaylee Mayes said.

With the album containing 45 songs many have different options to choose from slow songs and fast songs.

“I think it is a waste, 45 songs could have been split into three different albums instead of just one. It will be more work for him to put out another album,” junior Mario Gonzales said.

The album being two hours long can have some positives and negatives. People who enjoy Chris can have more of him and more of his newer material. Those who do not enjoy Chris but enjoy his music may not want to purchase the whole album.

“My favorite songs are paradise, this is because it’s a mixture of fast and slow and has deep lyrics. I can relate to it as well. Hangover is fast paced and upbeat which shows how much variety the album has” junior Savannah Gaast said.

I think it represents his  creativity rather well because it takes a lot of time and thinking in order to write that many songs,” junior Kaylee Mayes said.