Everything You Need To Know About “#TimesUp”

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter

The 75th Golden Globe awards took place January 7. The awards showcase actors, playwrights, producers, directors and other celebrities for their accomplishments in film and production within the last year. This year, a week before the Golden Globes, The New York Times announced a movement called “Time’s Up” to show solidarity with and give support to women in the workplace who face sexual harassment and assault.

“I think that this movement is really important and long overdue. I feel like it makes men and women feel more safe and accepting when voicing their stories,”  junior Kamile Stuckey said.

Many believe that this movement is not the solution, but a starting point, giving people a reason to keep talking about women’s rights and the topic of sexual harassment, assault, and rape.

“I believe the Time’s Up movement will be effective when we stand up and put action into the words we say. If women continue to come forward and condemn the culture of sexual harassment, we may see real progress in our future,” junior Meg Gorton said.

The New York Times asked that attendees to the Golden Globes would wear all black and voice their condonement of sexual harassment in the Hollywood industry.

“I think the movement is effective in letting people know this behavior is not okay. I still believe that in certain cases there must be evidence and a line in what is and what is not sexual harassment and assault,” senior Danny Detchemendy said.

The New York Times handed out pins that nearly all celebrities attending the awards wore. Originally, this campaign called for women to participate, but many of the men attending the Golden Globes participated and spoke out as well.

“Men speaking out against this should have the same effect as women speaking out, so I think that it is a great thing that both sides are getting involved,”  Detchemendy said.

Within the last year, 52 men in Hollywood film, news, TV and politics have resigned from their positions due to sexual harassment, assault and rape allegations. It began with Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood producer, who was accused of rape and sexual assault and harassment of dozens of women October 5, 2017.

“I believe that, when the allegations began against these unsavory men in politics and film, society as a whole really began to see the prevalence of sexual harassment. It was brought to the attention of anyone who tried to glance over it. This spark has already brought so much truth into the view of the public and is finally placing a harsher stigma on those who harass others,” Gorton said.

The Time’s Up movement also has a $13-million legal defense fund to support lower-income women seeking justice for their sexual harassment and assault experiences in the workplace. To find out more about donations or reaching out, visit www.timesupnow.com.