Twisted Review

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Twisted” is about a young male who has dreamed of nothing but popularity, but after a stunt lands him a summer job cleaning the school, everyone knows who he is: he is mister man. He finally gets the girl of his dreams to notice him, but her dirty pictures get sent around the school, and he was the last person with her the night of the party.

With the main character being in love with the popular girl it has the feel of every movie based in high school, but it is not as happy as those movies. The book also showcases what it is like ot be a nobody, somebody, and then the most hated person in the world within a span of three months.

This book was a great read and had a lot of real high school experiences within the book. Very fast paced, this read is not written from a typical female point of view, opening it up to more male readers. However, it is a book that is relatable for females as well.

“Twisted” uses experiences that would come from a high schooler, but without censoring it. The language is raunchy, but so is the actual language in a hallway. Providing what high school really looks like and not how adults view it makes the book very interesting.

“Twisted” is available in the Timberland Library and is on the Destiny website. The book was written by Laurie Halse Anderson.