Social Media Usage & How It Is Affecting Us

Social Media Graphic 
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Social Media Graphic Photo credits to

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter

Social media is a major, and often loved in part of current society. For some, news information, celebrity appearances, and life updates  come solely from social media. While social media can have a very positive impact, an addiction to these platforms is prevalent in the lives of many and can turn into a dangerous habit.


Throughout the years, more and more people have felt inclined to share their personal lives on the internet, open for anyone to see. Ultimately, this has resulted in thousands of users feeling left out, having low self esteem and attempting to emulate the lives of others.


Many times, the “candid” photos that one sees on Instagram are planned out, branded photos that could not have happened without preparation and thought. Unrealistic, flashy posts make people jealous and inadequate in their own lives.


The importance of mental health in current society is often overlooked, while the importance of going viral on Twitter distracts the minds of young adults. The lives on social media are not portrayed in a realistic manner.


While the social media usage is detrementa at times, it can also be used for positive causes as well. Many businesses can use social media to connect and network with other companies, brands and influencers. Also, there are users who understand the importance of incorporating disclaimers that they do produce content at a professional level, and that life cannot be that glamorous all of the time.


Overall, the usage of social media is a vital part of current society, but must be used in a moderate and controlled environment to avoid real mental health issues.