MLB 18: The Show Review

Josh Calloni, Reporter

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The yearly edition on “MLB The Show” is out, and there are many new features that have worked, and some that fans are still left looking for.

The biggest change to 18 The Show from 17 is the way the popular game mode, Diamond Dynasty, is played. Diamond Dynasty is a card collecting mode that you can put together your dream team and play against others in head to head online. This year, San Diego Studios went all out and added many new legend players to the game, even Babe Ruth, one of the greatest baseball players of all time. However, it is hard to acquire these players for your team because, so far, they’re not unlockable until future missions are released. However, returning features of Diamond Dynasty include Battle Royale, Conquest, and the popular Ranked Seasons.

In other modes, you can now practice in a customized circumstance, though, this mode is very glitchy, and is very hard to practice exactly what you’re looking for. As for the two offline modes, franchise and road to the show, very small things were added. Road to the Show, the games career mode, has a bit of a story line behind it, and that has since been improved upon since last release, as well as new ways to make your career mode player better.

Franchise, where you can own and run your team the way you want, like a general manager of a real MLB team, had little changes. The biggest was the addition of phases, making it easier for the casual fan to keep track of what needs to be done with the team.

“The game is pretty good this year, it might be the best one yet, I’m very happy with it,”   said freshman Ryan Morris.

As for some that are missing, the most asked about feature has been a build your own stadium mode. Players want to experience the full dream team concept of Diamond Dynasty by building their own dream stadium to go with their team. This is something that San Diego Studios has talked to the community about, but has not released anything about it coming to the game. Some fans also felt the lack of new adds to franchise mode was disappointing. A lot of opinions seemed to bud off of other sports games franchise modes. For example, how in Madden and NBA 2k relocation, rebranding, and custom stadiums, and manage merchandise sales and things like that. In MLB The Show, none of that is available.

“The game is alright this year, could be better, but the new additions are very improved from 17 and other previous releases,” sophomore Bryan Martinez said.

However, the game is still in its first weeks of release. If it’s anything like previous years, certain modes and things in Diamond Dynasty can be added, changed, or removed. It is almost guaranteed that the game at the end of June will look different from how it does now, and so on.