‘Grease’ Conspiracy Theory

Oliva Newton-John and John Travolta as Danny and Sandy

Oliva Newton-John and John Travolta as Danny and Sandy

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Almost everyone has seen “Grease”, but what one might not know is the conspiracy theory behind it.  The series states that Sandy is in a coma and dreams the whole thing.

In the opening song “Summer Nights,” John Travolta sings “I saved her life, she nearly drowned.” People have interpreted that as Sandy did drown,and at the end of the movie she dies.

The end credits in the movie Grease is Sandy and Danny fly off in a car, if the movie was real, the car would not be flying.

Another reason it is not real is the fact that out of anywhere in the United States her family moves her to Danny’s town and high school. Sandy is from Australia and throughout the whole movie she has her thick Australian accent. So why would her parents move to that specific town?

Some would say that Danny was just bragging to seem cool during the “Summer Nights’ song. This is because in the same song he tells his friends that they got friendly down in the sand, but Sandy says he was a perfect gentleman and only kissed her. So obviously he’s just bragging right?

Danny sang “she swam by me, she got a cramp”. So if she got a cramp and drowned… Danny could have dived in to save her but she still ended up in a coma. The last thing she remembers is Danny saving her, so it makes perfect sense that she would create an imaginary reality around him.

Danny and Sandy seem to have different stories throughout the whole movie.. Sandy is saying Danny is a perfect gentleman and Danny is claiming to be a player who moves fast. Someone is obviously lying, who is it?