The Haunting of Hill House


Audrey Whalen, Reporter

The Haunting of Hill House flashes between present and past of four characters: Nelly, Steven, Shirley, Luke and Theo. The show flashes between their experiences in Hill House and how it affected them as adults.

“This show was so scary. I watched the first five minutes and had to stop. I did not even get to see the bent neck lady,” English teacher Andi Dubitsky said.

This show spends a lot of time developing characters, but it does not take long to get the scares in. Nelly, the youngest girl, has a nightmare of a “bent neck lady” staring over her in her bed. The “bent neck lady” has haunted Nell her whole life and caused her to have sleep paralysis, a disease where one cannot move their body, is still dreaming, but is awake.

“The bent neck lady was super scary at first, but her popping out got old. Each time Nelly went to bed I expected to see her,” freshman Collin Ragsdale said.

Luke, the youngest boy,  suffered from a heroin problem; he blames the ghosts of Hill House for his addiction, he uses  drug to get rid of the “tall man,” who he saw everywhere as a young boy. Steven as a child never believed any of these characters his younger siblings made up, he thought they were just a nightmare in their dreams. But, as an adult, he starts to question what actually happened in Hill House.

“Steven made me mad; he ignored all of the signs that Hill House was haunted, because he thought he was a man,” Ragsdale said.

Theo and Shirley have special abilities. Theo can see things when she touches people and being in Hill House made Theo sense a curse. Everything she touched she saw the real evil of the house. Shirley did not have the same ability as her sister but dreamt the evils of the house and spoke them in her sleep. The siblings just thought Shirley was mumbling nonsense until they looked back on what she said as adults.

“Theo is such an underrated character. She saw everything the house caused and nobody believed her until it was too late,” Ragsdale said.

Netflix has not yet released if there will be a season two of Hill House, but the ending of season one set up for another season. Now it is up to Netflix to get to filming.