‘How Far is Tattoo Far?’ A Review

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

“How Far is Tattoo Far” is a show on MTV, Music Television. The show takes two people who have “ultimate trust” in one another to give each other a tattoo. Hosts Snooki Polizzi and Nico Tortorella find a couple who are willing to take the challenge and give each other tattoos they will never forget.

“I love this show, Snooki is hilarious on it and her reactions makes the tattoos even worse than they really are,” senior Abby Poss said.

This show is supposed to help couples come together and show how much they trust one another. In some cases the tattoos are tearing couples apart and they are using this as a way to get back at one another, according to MTV.com.

“I would never let someone design a tattoo without my knowledge and put it on my body. Those perminate and I don’t trust anyone enough,” senior Amanda Rose said.

Some celebrities have take on this show with their significant others like, Angelina, from Jersey Shore, and her boyfriend Chris. They gave one another giant animal tattoos, according to MTV.com.

The show is on Tuesdays on MTV and MTV’s snapchat page on Thursdays.