The Warriors are Unstoppable: A Sports Opinion Piece

Nolen, Cooper

The Golden State Warriors have the best NBA team of all time, all five of their starters were voted all stars last season, and they have two former MVPs on the team.

With Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Demarcus Cousins on the team, the Warriors have the best offensive team the world has ever seen. The team has 2 former MVPs(Curry and Durant) and a former DPOY(Green). Also many people regard Curry as the greatest shooter of all time, and Klay being the best spot up shooter in the NBA today. With this starting lineup the Warriors have the “Infinity Gauntlet” of the NBA.

The Warriors in 2016, went 73-9 through the whole regular season, this is the greatest team record of all time, with second being the 1996’ Bulls at 72-10. Then in 2017 the Warriors added Kevin Durant to the roster, who added even more offensive power, they later go on to win the championship 4-1 against the Cavaliers. The next year the Warriors go to the NBA finals and sweep the Cavaliers 4-0, to take the championship.

This season the Warriors added Demarcus Cousins to the roster, who before his injury was averaging 25 ppg and 12.9 rpg. He has only played 2 games this season to allow him to adjust to the pace of play after the injury, but he is looking like he will be able to play at his full potential by the time the playoffs come around.

The Warriors will not lose the NBA finals this year, there are no other teams in the NBA that can compete with the Warriors, especially if the Warriors have home court advantage. Next year the Warriors will be in a tough situation, they will need to pay Durant and Cousins, and they already don’t have enough cap space for them.