Unity or Personality? Why school uniforms should be required.

Tayonna Henderson, Reporter

Most people would say that students all wearing the same items of clothing would decrease the amount of bullying that happens in public and private schools.

School uniform can help students focus more on their education than what they are wearing to school,or even if someone is going to wear the same thing as them. 

School uniforms can also enhance school pride, unity and community spirit. More students would have pride in and for their school, they are more positive and feel like they belong to their community more than before.

Many say that having a school uniform is taking away the unique style of one student because they can’t show their true colors, and others would not be able to understand them as a person. For that reason, some schools let students put their own personality into their uniforms, so they can still see the special qualities within them.

Prior to moving to Missouri, uniforms were required in my daily routine.  It was financially easier on my family, and removed the pressure of wondering if anyone noticed if the same shirt was worn two days in a row or if my shoes were not  the newest shoes.

School uniforms should be required in all school districts. Maybe students would understand more about their education, and worry less about their clothing. Students thrive better in the school environment without the destruction of others.

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