Gun Control and What We Should Do

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Gun Control Graphic Credits to

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter

In light of recent mass shootings, the topic of gun control and gun restrictions has been prevalent in the news and media. Many in America have become fed up with the fear in this country because of the little amount of restrictions as to who can get a gun, and what types of guns people are allowed to own and carry.

According to Missouri’s gun laws, to buy from a licensed seller, a person must be 21 or older to purchase a handgun, and 18 to buy a shotgun, rifle or ammunition for those weapons. Missouri requires a criminal background check if one is purchasing from a licensed dealer, but does not require a permit to own a firearm, nor requires owners to register their firearms. These laws all vary by state.

While the second amendment is very important to many people, the second amendment is being interpreted in a completely different way than how it was in 1787 when it was ratified. The ownership of an automatic weapon is unnecessary outside of military trained use.

The gun used in the recent shootings in Parkland, Florida and Las Vegas were AR-15s, a semiautomatic rifle. The AR is designed to kill, firing dozens of rounds in less than five seconds.

The call for gun control is not a call for abolishment of all guns and firearms. It is understood that many people enjoy having guns for hunting, as well as for their own protection, but automatic weapons have no place in a household. In Florida, the AR-15 can be purchased by anyone 18 or over with a clean criminal record, with no waiting period. This is how 19 year old shooter, Nikolas Cruz, easily completed the shooting at the Parkland high school.

Solutions of how to properly restrict people with mental health issues from getting these weapons has sparked an argument that guns are not the issue, but the person is. While this is not a false statement, sane people do not kill other people, it is not the only issue. As a country, we as citizens need to address this issue from all angles. It is not only a gun problem and not only a mental health problem, it is an American problem that cannot be pushed aside and ignored.

Students should not be scared to walk in the hallways. People should not feel unsafe at their place or worship. Music fans should not be afraid to attend a concert. Ignoring the issue will not fix it, putting the blame on a politician will not fix it and only addressing one perspective of the conversation will not fix it. Voting, speaking to representatives and spreading kindness should be higher priorities.