New Batwoman Announced

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

DC has announced that the newest member of the Batman franchise will be Ruby Rose. Rose will also be the first lesbian superhero to hit the big screen.

“I love that the franchise is branching out and bringing everyone into their moves. [Rose] is a fantastic actress, and I can’t wait to see her pull this off,” junior Shannon Byer said.

Rose recently posted on her Instagram her training for the movie. Rose is going through intense Martial Arts. She is dressed in full martial arts garb that included a robe, matching pants and a black cloth tied around her lean waist. Initially, the instructor had her working on her arm and wrist strength by slowly lifting a piece of concrete with a stick and rope.

“It is awesome she is getting so into the role. I have never heard of an actress go through this much training for one role. She always puts her heart and soul into all of her roles,” sophomore Mitchell Steele said.

The character will first appear in the network’s upcoming DC crossover event as executive producer Greg Berlanti and writer Caroline Dries are developing a stand-alone series. With the casting, The CW’s superhero stable now includes an out lesbian superhero played by a lesbian actress as well as a trans actress playing a trans superhero, with activist Nicole Maines joining Supergirl as a series regular next season.

“This series looks promising. I do not think it will be a total wreck like ‘Gotham’ was. I hope it follows their character story’s better too,” Byers said.

But first, Rose will make her debut in this year’s DC crossover event in December, which will include Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl (but not DC’s Legends of Tomorrow).