The 2018 Mac Mini

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Macs are everywhere, they can be laptops and desktops, but the Mac Mini is neither. It is a hybrid, a small form factor PC that can be used as a desktop, and is portable as well.

“I think this [Mac] would be a great one if your unsure if you want one,” freshman Mason Lindsay said.

The specs on the Mac Mini are very impressive when taking the small form factor into consideration, the CPU is a quad core 8th generation Intel processor that can produce up to 4.6 ghz. The Mac also has support for up to 64 gb of 2,666 mhz memory. All this speed with the Mac should make everything work and performance will be more than enough for everyday web browsing.

The only downside is the Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics, integrated graphics have never been anything to rave about, but for the price of $800, there are many computers that can outperform in the graphics area.

“The price plays a huge factor it seems as if [apple] is upping the price every year by a lot,” sophomore Michael Sitarski said.

The size may be the best part of this Mac, at 7.7 inches square, 1.4 inches tall and 2.9 pounds it will fit into most suitcases and should be for people always on the move who need more power than a laptop but can’t fit a whole desktop computer into their bag.

“Some people prefer smaller computer, or they just need a more cost effective one,” Sitarski said.

When the Mac Mini is released it will be available at, and Best Buy.