Google’s ‘Airdrop’ Alternative

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Airdrop is a feature on Apple products that allows users to send images, video, text, links and more to another user without having any of their contact info as long as both users airdrop if turned on and they are within bluetooth range of one another. Recently, Google has been experimenting with its own version of Airdrop; the Google Version is called “Nearby Sharing.” 

“It’s fun to drop funny pictures to people when they’re in class,” senior Jory Spiroff said. 

Nearby Sharing is meant to be a way to share files with people around the user in the fastest way possible, and like Airdrop, would eliminate the need to ask for a phone number, email address or password. By simply enabling Nearby Sharing the user will be able to send or accept files from any source. Google has yet to announce or release this feature, but it has been in development for quite some time now. 

“Having it on Android would help me when people are taking pictures of the board in class. One person could take a picture and send to the whole class,” senior Amare Johnson said. 

Airdrop and Nearby Sharing both allow users to share to devices of the same branding, but there is yet to be a service that allows Apple and Android products communicate in this way.