Students Love iPhones

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

Many people own Apple products. One of Apple’s most popular products is the iPhone.

Many students said they enjoy owning iPhones because of the regular updates, ease of use and convenient apps.

“I like the facetime feature,” junior Katie Stewart said. “And the ‘Find My Phone’ app is a lifesaver even though it doesn’t work on IPhone 10 or 11,” junior Katie Stewart said.

Stewart said she tends to lose her phone often.

“The camera feature is much better than Android’s,” senior Erin Strong said. “Even though it costs a lot of money, it’s worth it because of the updates.”

Many criticize the cost of IPhones, just as Hill does. In fact, even used IPhones cost more than Androids of the same generation according to

“Android works just as well as Apple,” senior CJ Hill said. “ Like facetime. It’s already an Iphone, but that doesn’t mean Android doesn’t have [similar features]. [Apple] costs so much money for little to no reason.”

However, with this cost, the brand funds product trade ins for an upgraded version of the iPhone almost every year as well as regular software updates.

“It’s first to get the new apps,” junior Cayden Barbarick said. “I’m a big gamer so this is important to me.”

Game Developers favor Apple’s platform to any other, thus most apps are likely to be on Apple opposed to other according to