Apple AirPod Pro

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Apple Airpods are considerably among the most popular of all wireless earbuds, because of their unique abilities. On October 30 Apple released the Airpods Pro innovating, on many aspects of the device. 

“Everything is great. All the new features were all things people wanted,but the eartips looks a little weird. Apple should have tried to stay with their classic design,” junior Marcus Temple said. 

The Airpod Pros have a design different from Airpods. The AirPod Pro variant has an in ear design much like the original Airpod, but the AirPod Pro have a flexible silicone ear tip that is designed to fit tightly within the users ear.

“The old airpods fell out, and you could hear everything going on around you, so the eartips are a great addition,” senior Brennen Higgins said. 

 The silicon in the eartips provides noise cancellation to allow users to focus on the music or what they are listening to. The eartips have three different sizes, to allow a good fit and feel while offering better noise cancellation for all ear sizes according to Apple.

Airpod Pros also offer IPX 4 water resistance, which means the airpods will be resistant to splashing from any direction; and they should be fine when exposed to sweat and light rain. The airpods should not be submerged in water, though the warranty does not cover damage from either of these.

The Airpod Pros will still use the same 10 core H1 chip found in the last generation Airpods, that allows instant connection with the users phone and all other apple devices. In the future these devices may also be able to support sound sharing, which would allow more than one Airpod device connected to one phone. 

Airpod Pros will have five hours of battery life with noise cancelling turned off; with noise cancellation on the Pros will have a 4 and a half hour battery life.

AirPods Pro will cost $249.99, with last gen AirPods costing $199.99.