Soulja Boy’s Tech Company

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Soulja Boy is a rapper, who is now working on his own tech company that sells products such as bluetooth earbuds. Recently he reportedly started selling video game consoles that had unlicensed Nintendo games stored on them. Later, the game consoles were taken off the website for reasons unknown, but it was speculated that Nintendo was sending a lawyer and accompanying lawsuit towards Soulja Boy’s gaming console.

“Soulja Boy is cool and all, but he’s just selling overpriced knockoff products that will most likely make him lose money,” sophomore Connor Jeffreyes said.

The Soulja Game console had been priced at $200 and advertise over 3000 games to be pre installed on the device.

“You have to be very dumb to buy anything from his website. None of it is quality, which is why everything is so cheap,” sophomore Chelsea Hahn said.

Soulja Boy tweeted at Nintendo saying, “I’m not scared of Nintendo,” and another tweet saying, “If Nintendo was gon do something they would have the first day. My console not going anywhere everything i’m doing is 100% legit stay mad and I keep getting Richer.”

“If he hadn’t said anything directly to Nintendo, I think he would still be able to sell the console and handheld,” junior Jory Spiroff said.

Soulja Boy’s website he is currently selling a Soulja Phone HT70, Soulja Headphones Wireless Bluetooth, Soulja Pad, Soulja Watch and Soulja Pods. Most of these items are blatant knockoffs of big brand products. Some of the products mimic the Apple Airpods, Apple Watch and Beats.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the website was taken down very soon,” Jeffreys said.

Later many of Soulja Boy’s products such as the “Soulja Game” were found on Amazon. They were sold under a different name and brand, and also costs under half the price of Soulja Boy’s game consoles and other products.