The Act: A Review

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

“The Act” is a show about Dee Dee Blanchard, the  mother of Gypsy. Gypsy tries to escape the toxic relationship with her mother, but her quest for independence opens up a Pandora’s box of secrets, which ultimately leads to murder.

The show is set in Springfield, and is based off a true story from 2016. “The Act” stars Joey King, Patricia Arquette and Annasophia Robb.

One could initially wonder if Hulu’s “The Act” was just another series with too much time and not enough story to tell. It is not. The true-crime limited series, unspools over eight episodes, according to

“The Act’s” rhythms becomes a strong attraction. It opens the front door to a house where a very toxic relationship is unfolding, then asks viewers to step in and sit for a while.

At the core of the series is a warped and deeply broken mother-daughter relationship. Dee Dee, who deeply loves her daughter, makes intense choices. Gypsy is seen as very, very sick, and Dee Dee has sacrificed and abandoned everything about herself that isn’t caring for Gypsy’s every need.

When Dee Dee’s medicine cabinet is opened, if viewers examine the pill bottles to treat the girl’s many ailments, they may begin to suspect something is not right. Some of the bottles are labeled “Sleepy Baby.”

The twists and turns keep the plot moving. Check the series out on Hulu; new episodes come out on Wednesdays.