M-87 Black Hole

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Black hole’s have never been photographed until Katie Bowman took a picture of the Messier 87 black hole on April 10.

“The picture of the black hole is amazing, and is a great achievement for everyone involved,” freshman Maddie Czerniewski said.

A picture of a black hole was prior thought to be impossible, because the black holes are very distant this one was 55 million light years away, and absorb everything in their radius including light. The stars literally had to align for this picture to be possible.

“It’s amazing that we have telescopes and cameras that can see that far and take picture of thing we cant even see,” freshman Taylor Flores said.

The photo process started over two years ago, using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), The EHT is composed of eight telescopes in six international locations the most recent telescope added in 2018 to widen the image coverage.

New York Times hailed Katie Bouman as “the face of the black hole project” after a picture of her seeing the black hole photo for the first time.

“No one algorithm or person made this image. It required the amazing talent of a team of scientists from around the globe and years of hard work to develop the instrument, data processing, imaging methods and analysis techniques that were necessary to pull off this seemingly impossible feat.” Katie Bouman told New York Times, in “How Katie Bouman Accidentally Became the Face of the Black Hole.”