Germany’s Electric Truck Charging Highway

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Germany has opened a six mile stretch of highway that can charge hybrid delivery trucks, that will allow the trucks to run on electricity for a while, before diesel fuel kicks in.

“Once this is in development with Tesla cars, everyone will switch to electric cars, for convenience of charging while still driving and saving the environment,” sophomore Connor Kaatman said.

The system was built by Munich-based engineering firm Siemens AG, Volkswagen AG is providing the truck units. The units have the ability to link to a truck, while the truck is going up to 90 kilometers per hour, to draw power from the cables above. The electricity charges the truck’s battery, allowing it to be powered electrically afterward. A diesel motor kicks in once the battery is depleted.

“This is great, but it only works for trucks. So, until it can work for cars that average people own it won’t be useful,” sophomore Brenden Price said.

Siemens AG started the project in 2010 with a test track outside Berlin, the company is working on a track in California as well. Siemens has made an attempt to merge with French competitor Alstom SA blocked by the European Commission. Chief Executive Officer Joe Kaeser said to Bloomberg he wants the unit to expand from trains into a range of mobility options such as electric and autonomous cars.

“Tesla is the best electric car maker at the moment, but if they don’t develop something like this soon they might be challenged for the number one spot,” sophomore Connor Jeffreys said.