History of Technology: Microsoft

Microsoft Logo
Photo Credits to theverge.com

Microsoft Logo Photo Credits to theverge.com

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter

Microsoft has created a world of software development, many of which have changed technology forever. From MS-DOS to Windows, Microsoft has evolved, since 1975, into one of the most used software companies of all time.


“I use Windows 10 on my PC and I use Word, Excel when needed…along with Apple,” senior Nick Miller said.


Microsoft is most well-known for their Windows software program that was created in 1985 and now in its tenth version.


“Microsoft is a very successful company due to the fact that its market value exceeds $560 billion,” sophomore Alex Figgy said.


Microsoft has also created a productivity suite called “Microsoft Office” that is available for purchase. The package includes several different installations that are meant to increase workflow and productivity for Microsoft users.


“I use Microsoft mostly for Word to complete assignments in my computer programming class. If I’m making a presentation for school, I will use Powerpoint,” senior Hayden Mills said.


Many wonder what may have happened if Microsoft was never developed, considering it is used globally by businesses, universities and more. Without founder Bill Gates, the world of technology could be quite different.


“I think Bill Gates is a true architect really. He was able to create something no one has ever seen before and turn it into a billion dollar company. He is a genius,” Miller said.


Microsoft products set a trend for other companies, like Google and Apple.


“Bill Gates had an idea and ran with it and it got him here. He stayed driven and motivated to his dream and he made it a reality. He is successful for following his American dream and earning some money on the way. [His work] inspired google drive which led to Google taking a prominent role in technology,” Mills said.


The founder of Microsoft, Gates, is now coined as one of the most successful people in the world, and is a billionaire due in large part to his work with Microsoft.


“Bill Gates is definitely successful. This is because his net worth is about $90 billion dollars, and he also accomplished the goal of founding his own corporation,” Figgy said.


Microsoft is known for products other than their computer software as well.


“When you say Microsoft to anyone they either think of work products or Xbox for gaming systems,” Mills said.

Microsoft is still growing and releasing products every year. To find out more, visit www.microsoft.com