Samsung S10 To Be Released Soon

Josh Calloni, Reporter

Recently, Samsung released plans for the newest version of the Galaxy, the S10.

Currently, there is an offer to reserve an S10 phone early and save up to $600 off the actual price, but what features come with that price? A leak has shown the screen will be just over six inches in height, which is a bit bigger than an iPhone X’s screen. With a new and improved camera and a better battery life will be added.

“The new S10 looks very nice, and could be worth the value. I do plan on looking into getting one, as I use a samsung currently, and would be open to getting a new version,” freshman Johnny Ohlms said.

The new iPhone compares somewhat to the S10. Without a confirmed release on all features, it is not an easy comparison, however there is some qualities to look at between both. The S10 is going to have a bigger screen, However, both the newest iPhone and the S10 have a face recognition feature. The cost is the biggest difference that has been released; the iPhone X is considerably cheaper, for roughly $1000, Samsung S10 is going to be $2000 according to early indications from

“I like Android over iOS, but the price tag on the new S10 is way out of my price range, but it is nice to think about owning it,” sophomore Aiden Alderson said.

As of now, the phones release date is February 20, and can be bought from anywhere you would normally be able to buy a phone. The phone will come in a pearl white version, or a black version, and with multiple different storage spaces, one with up to 128GB of storage space available.

No more news has been released two days prior to its release.