New 16K Television Released by Sony

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Sony has created a 16K television screen.

This screen will be four times bigger than the 4K television screens that have been recently introduced to consumers, according to the BBC article “Sony creates a colossal 16K screen in Japan.”

“A 16K television screen is bigger than ever seen before. It must be such a clear picture. It sucks that this is only going to be used by companies for the time being. It would be hard to get a 60-foot television in my house,” junior Chase McCoy said.

According to BBC, experts say it will take decades for this technology to filter down to consumers. The screen is currently being installed at a new research center that has been built for the Japanese cosmetics group Shiseido in the city of Yokohama, Japan, according to the article.

“I wish it was here in America so I could go see it easier. These new advancements in technology are becoming crazier and crazier. Hopefully, this technology can be used by citizens soon,” senior Phoebe Mitchell said.

The new television has in fact been made out of several small screens that do not have bezels so they can fit together seamlessly, making it seem as though it is one screen.

“It looks so perfect like it’s one television. If this could ever be used by people, technology would be changed forever. The way we consume entertainment would be altered,” sophomore Andrew Patton said.

The television will be set up in Japan and is 63 by 17 feet. The development was announced by Sony at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show, which is currently being held in Las Vegas, according to the article.